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University of Nevada, Reno — Summer Study Tour to Turkey

History, Culture, Politics and Society in Turkey


Explore Instanbul!An educationally rewarding adventure awaits! Designed to provide a rich historical and cultural experience through intense study, including lectures and field trips, the summer study tour will take place in Istanbul, Turkey, and is offered through the University of Nevada, Reno’s departments of sociology, anthropology, history and political science. Participants will visit a variety of exciting and interesting cultural, religious and historical sites throughout their stay in Istanbul.

Examining the social, political, and economic structure of Turkey and its transformation from Empire to Republic, this interdisciplinary study tour will explore the dynamics of the modernization process in this centrally located country of many contrasts. The origins and development of Turkish society from the Ottoman conquest of Byzantium in 1453 to the present-day Turkish Republic will be examined. The course will also provide glimpses of life in Turkey, emphasizing the cultural and historical treasures of Istanbul as the focal point.

Pre-trip orientation meeting will be held in April 2018. The group will convene in Istanbul on June 3, 2018, and will disband in Istanbul on June 17, 2018. Participants may extend their stays at their own expense. (Airfare and meals are not included in the fee.)

University credit, included in the fee, may be earned in one of these courses: SOC 497/697 (3 credits); ANTH 499/699 (3 credits); HIST 498/698 (3 credits) or PSC 407i/607i (3 credits).


For more information about tour content, email Berch Berberoğlu, Ph.D., at To register, email Academic Credit Options at or call (775) 682-7555 or 1-800-233-8928


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The University’s Summer Study Tour to Turkey is supported by Sierra Nevada Corporation and the University of Nevada, Reno.



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