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Student Testimonials

“Though I had many wonderful experiences during my time at UNR, my summer trip to Turkey with Berch was truly a standout. Traveling a country with such a dynamic history and rich culture with such a knowledgeable guide, I felt like I was getting a glimpse into things ordinarily off-limits to tourists. The moment I stepped off the plane, my experience was thick with lessons about Turkey’s historic past and uncertain future, a constant clash between the old and new, along with lasting lessons about diverse cultures and people. From the music, to the food, to the beautiful people and scenic landscapes, the lessons about art and politics, there wasn’t a second of uncertainty about my decision to take this trip. I cannot say enough about Berch, and his enthusiasm and ability to teach about the region. I am beyond grateful to have experienced and learned so much in such an exciting and distinctive way. If you have the opportunity to take this tour, DO IT!!! It will be a trip of a lifetime.”

— Amelia Flack (Turkey Study Abroad Course, Summer 2015)

“Upon my return from studying abroad in Brazil for the spring, I had about a week to prepare for Turkey. It was crazy trying to get everything together before Turkey, but it was so worth the stress! I would have never imagined the adventure I’d shared with my fellow classmates and Dr. Berberoglu. We shared such an unforgettable time together everywhere we went. Going to Istanbul, Turkey with such an awesome group has to be one of the best times of my life. This journey opened my mind in so many ways I’d never thought it would even after being away from home in Brazil. The two weeks in Istanbul were definitely life changing and I completely fell in love. Istanbul has it all! I believe this is one of the best ways to literally soak in history, art, politics, and culture in such a short time. Expect to take mental notes of your surroundings, as you’ll find yourself meeting and even socializing with the locals regardless of your language skills. The program is structured around the students and for the students. I am greatly thankful for Dr. Berberoglu because he is one of the few people you’ll meet who is this excited and enthusiastic about teaching. It was certainly a pleasure. Be prepared to try all kinds of things and of course walk and sometimes run, but trust me it will be well worth it. I highly recommend this program for anyone. It will enlighten and inspire you to keep traveling and why not, come back to Turkey!”

— Jennyfer Llamas (Turkey Study Abroad Course, Summer 2015)

“My time in Istanbul was highly stimulating and a very enjoyable experience. I was able to explore a city that has played host to more than its share of historical events, and has beautifully integrated the technology, architecture and entertainment of the 21st century with the proud and plentiful remnants of the past. There is so much to say about the great and amazing city of Istanbul.  The people of Istanbul are full of passion. Istanbul is a place that really showed me what a global city in the modern era feels like. Anatolia, also referred to as the Asian side, is my absolute favorite part of the city. The European side is spectacular, but nevertheless, the Asian side was very cosmopolitan, very inviting, and in many ways reminded me of San Francisco with a more genuine characteristic. There is a wonderful balance between the blue collar and minority cultures and the sheer beauty of both the natural environment and the manmade structures that I have yet to encounter anywhere in the U.S. or abroad. The next time I visit Istanbul, it is without question that I’ll be on the eastern side of the water.  In sum, I can honestly say this study abroad trip was a magnificent experience full of learning and adventure that broadened my mind and that of my fellow travelers. A great debt is owed to Berch for putting on such a special trip that offers so much to students from cultural enrichment, to credits that fulfill degree requirements and everything in between.”

— Ian Nesbitt (Turkey Study Abroad Course, Summer 2015)

“My Wintermester in Istanbul was one of the best experiences of my life! I fortunately was told about the program by another UNLV student who went on the program trip. I went into the experience not knowing very much about the country of Turkey, but I immersed from it knowing not only the culture, political system, and history, but also being able to get by speaking the Turkish language. The program may be short in length, but you are able to learn so much in such a short span. It would be hard to grasp and understand so many concepts, as I did, from a classroom.  The readings were very interesting and applicable to every field trip we took while in Istanbul. Anyone who gets the chance to visit Istanbul would be lucky, but having the chance to go with a group of like-minded students who were just as interested as I was made me feel like I hit the jackpot!”

— Mary Katie Berney (Turkey Study Abroad Course, Winter 2015)

“This course was one of the best experiences I have had in my academic career.  The study program in Istanbul opened my eyes to eastern culture, history, and politics in a fun and adventurous way.  Not only did we see the amazing sights of Istanbul, but we also partook in local culture, making this class and experience more unique.  Aside from seeing and experiencing these great historical sites, my fellow students and I became very close in such a short amount of time. I am extremely grateful for the connections I made with the local Turks and fellow Nevadans while abroad.  As for the class itself, it's crazy, it's fun, and it's taught by an incredible professor, who I consider to now be a good friend.  I encourage everyone to take this class because it opens your eyes to the eastern world and to new cultures and ideas.”

— Lindy Deller (Turkey Study Abroad Course, Winter 2015)

“This was by far the most amazing experience I've ever had. We immersed ourselves into Turkish culture and were able to observe firsthand their beliefs and customs. Istanbul is an enormous city filled with so much history that it seems impossible to learn anything about it without witnessing it with your own eyes. We visited historical sites and museums that fit in perfectly with our lectures and presentations, making it so much easier to understand the content of the class. This program is perfect for students who wish to study abroad but can't afford to be away for a whole semester. I met some amazing people while on this trip, both in the class and from the city. It is a fast paced class, as it is only two weeks long. Be prepared to spend the entire day walking throughout the city, as it can be pretty tiring at first. But the experience is still unforgettable, even thru the initial jetlag and exhaustion. This class is a great opportunity to take advantage of!”

— Taylor Martinez (Turkey Study Abroad Course, Winter 2015)

“The Winter 2015 Turkey Study Tour was one of the best experiences of my life.  It was the best trip I have ever been on and quite possibly, the best two weeks I could imagine.  The sights, the sounds, and the city cannot be matched.  There are likely not many places in the world where the modern blends so seamlessly with the past.  It is a funny thing that it takes travel thousands of miles across the globe to realize how genuinely warm and kind folks can be from your own backyard.  I have met people that I am sincerely proud to call friends.  It was a pleasure to break bread with each of them.  It was not hard to do when every meal was nothing short of superb!”

— Rand Velasco (Turkey Study Abroad Course, Winter 2015)

“The Summer Study Tour in Istanbul, Turkey was one of the best experiences of my life.  Istanbul has always been on top of my travel list, and to get to experience it the way I did made this one of the best two weeks of my life to date.  I not only feel as though I can walk away saying I am familiar with Turkish history and culture, but I feel confident saying that I have experienced the true Istanbul—I have seen the places that bring people from across the Globe to the city, and the places that define the local lifestyle.  From the most extravagant Mosques to the most interesting historical and cultural spots of the city, the study tour I had the opportunity to partake in gave me a chance to experience it all.  I met people from all across the world, spent time with locals, and expanded my worldly perspective.  The diversity and beauty of Istanbul is unparalleled and cannot be experienced in any way other than first hand.  Having the chance to be led by Berch meant gaining a unique perspective from someone who is simultaneously a local and an outsider, which gave me very interesting insight on the conditions in both Turkey and the US. I see the world differently now, but in a better way.  I implore anyone who is eager to see the world to go to Turkey.  You will have stepped into a different world, but you won’t ever feel in danger. The people are friendly and open, and I had the time of my life gaining the perspectives of someone in a very different environment from my own.  Every college student should study abroad.  Broadening my perspective was the best thing I could have done for myself.  I’m so grateful to have met Berch and to have taken the plunge into this experience.  Istanbul is my favorite city in the world as of yet, and I find myself thinking about my time spent there all the time.”

— Sara Byers (Turkey Study Abroad Course, Summer 2014)

“It has been three weeks since I left Istanbul and it managed to leave a sense of nostalgia in me. Upon deciding that I wanted to take the opportunity to take this study abroad course, I thought I would not be so surprised, because I had a good sense of the culture, I knew a few Turkish people and a few Turkish words, and I love eating kebobs.  I thought it would be another city, with lots of museums and lots of tourist struggling with the metro. When I opened my eyes from my long flight and saw the coast line, I then had a sense that it was not going to be me going to another tourist destination, walking through the airport immediately I was well received by the Turkish people who helped me find Dr. Berch and the group. The two weeks went by too fast; the language, the food, the museums, the politics, the history, the nightlife, the people, ISTANBUL stole my heart.  I loved the sensation of me thinking that I knew what was going on and then being wrong, the core social similarities to my own culture but in a different ethnic group, a different language and a different religion just astonished me every day.  Taking this course is a good way to get a good grasp of the city, but you will leave wanting more and wanting to return soon.  Thank you Dr. Berch for doing this for us your students!”

— Lucero Gomez-Ochoa (Turkey Study Abroad Course, Summer 2014)

“Going to Istanbul with the UNR Extended Studies Program is a great experience. Dr. Berberoglu takes you to all the historical places and packs a full day everyday so nothing is missed. Istanbul is populated with over 14 million people, and you will definitely feel the energy from every aspect. The city is alive and thriving, and you will feel invigorated every day when you are out exploring and learning about the fascinating culture and history. Most everyone is friendly, curious, and outgoing. You will leave Turkey missing the people and most definitely the food! Istanbul is magnetic and thriving. This program definitely captures the essence of Istanbul.”

— Suzy Kahraman (Turkey Study Abroad Course, Summer 2014)

“When I signed up for the Turkey study abroad program, I was made aware of its compressed nature in order to fit in all that we must study into a two week course. Then to take this course in Istanbul, Turkey just added to the thrill of the experience. This is a great opportunity to learn firsthand about the culture you are studying each day in your course materials. This type of structured class has the learning foundation I enjoy and should be offered in other cultural study platforms and courses. The cultural history of Turkey was amazing to see in person and having a chance to taste the food at the same time is something you cannot do in the classroom.  My experience with my fellow students was enriched by a high level in quality and personal development that each one of us contributed towards our journey together. We had a solid team that I would be happy to travel with again anytime in the future. You may have the opportunity to be part of a special event or celebration outside the course like we did that presented itself unexpectedly. I was able to meet new friends and form potential new relationships beyond those of my class mates. You will love your experience!”

— William Johnson (Turkey Study Abroad Course, Summer 2014)

“The time that I spent on tour in Istanbul, Turkey was really inspirational and eye-opening. Learning about culture, politics, and society from a book is not the same thing as being fully immersed in it. This experience of Turkey will impact my life forever.”

— Valentine Insana (Turkey Study Abroad Course, Winter 2014)

“Participating in this program was one of the best decisions of my life. I was presented with an absolutely unique nexus of conflicts in identity spanning politics, religion, economies, empires, and republics. Istanbul felt to me the pivot of some of the most central questions of human society, past, present, and future.”

— Nathan Singley (Turkey Study Abroad Course, Winter 2014)

“I absolutely loved this course!  Every day was such an adventure, a 360 degree learning experience!  It was so much fun chasing Papa Berch throughout the city streets, struggling with our Turkish skills, taking note of the cultural differences, and getting caught up in the history, politics, mysteries and life of Turkey!”

— Bethany Wurster (Turkey Study Abroad Course, Winter 2014)

“My spouse and I joined Berch in Istanbul for the 2014 winter trip. It was our first time abroad, and we couldn't be more pleased with the experience. Berch is a patient instructor who possesses a treasure trove of knowledge about Turkish culture, politics and history. I would recommend this study tour to any student, especially those with an interest in experiencing the unique fusion of European and Islamic history and culture that can really only be found in Istanbul.”

— Jeri Chadwell (Turkey Study Abroad Course, Winter 2014

“The study session in Turkey allows you to be more than a tourist but a knowledgeable, experienced traveler in another country.  Although most of the students on my trip did not know much about Turkey before the program began, we grew together, falling in love with the people, culture, politics, and history.  We all want to return to live and work in Istanbul in the near future!  Live, travel, learn, explore, and earn credits... on the Istanbul study sessions!  There are few better ways to learn about this part of the world.  Our time in Istanbul has been full of new adventures, experiences, and friends, and now it is time to pack our bags and return home. Goodbye Istanbul, we have found a new love and look forward to returning.  Thank you for this incredible experience. I will highly recommend it to everyone I know!”

— Marti Deyo (Turkey Study Abroad Course, Winter 2014)

“My time studying history, culture, politics, and society in Turkey with Dr. Berch Berberoğlu was one of the best educational experiences of my life. The class was rigorous yet fun, and Istanbul is one of the most amazing places I've ever been. I would recommend this class to anyone who is interested in expanding their knowledge of the world or their insight into the United States.”

— Brian Burghart (Turkey Study Abroad Course, Summer 2013)

“This study abroad program in Turkey was remarkable and utterly unforgettable. I learned so much in such a short time that it allowed me to broaden my horizons. In Istanbul I was able to interact with many of the locals and get a feel for living life in the only city in the world that is on two continents (Europe and Asia)! And the way the program was designed was excellent. Dr. Berberoglu did a splendid job in ensuring that the program was customized to suit each student's needs so that it was fulfilling to the highest extent for every individual. The program was very personable for it allowed us to travel to many of Istanbul's finest sites all while getting a thorough history lesson of each from the professor. Also, his ability to speak the native language dramatically enhanced the overall experience in terms of the in-depth cultural understanding of this fascinating city – Istanbul.  I highly recommend this program to anyone who takes interest in studying abroad, for not only was I able to receive full credit for a class that normally would take months, but I got to travel around one of the most historically rich cities in the world.”

Shawn Rosen (Turkey Study Abroad Course, 2013)

“I signed up for the study tour to Turkey to see and learn about a place of wonder that I had only read about.  It was my first time to the Old World, and by studying the history of Turkey in Istanbul I indeed got to see and learn about the place where East meets West and where one great empire gave way to another.  The historical images of the city were a wonder to behold, and what I heard in different music styles expressed a cosmopolitan order manifest in Turkish life that I could never have appreciated without having directly experienced it.  I also learned about the people of Turkey by interacting with them to various degrees at Istanbul’s universities, markets, churches, mosques, museums and street corners.  I experienced all of this in two weeks time in Istanbul, and my hat goes off to the highly energetic and knowledgeable study tour instructor, Professor Berch Berberoğlu, for making this truly inspiring and memorable experience possible.”

James Smith (Turkey Study Abroad Course, 2013)

“The minute I received the email informing me about a course being taught in Istanbul, Turkey my heart skipped a beat. I called my mother right away and after explaining the details of the trip, I simply said, "Mom, I have to go." It was a moment that felt so right. Everything happened quickly afterwards; making preparations for the travel, meeting with the group of students for orientation, receiving our reading material and guidebooks, and so on. This was my second visit to Turkey, but by traveling there and being many years older than my first trip, I realized that I was able to appreciate the history, culture, and mystery of the beautiful country to a much greater extent. I was thankful for the small class size first and foremost because we were truly given the chance to get close and become in ways a family for the duration of the trip. Berch showed great enthusiasm, optimism, and passion in his teachings about the country.  Overall the experience was educational, emotional, and exhilarating. I would recommend this trip to any and everyone interested in trying something new, as well as studying abroad in such a fascinating city like Istanbul.”

Sarah Kosso (Turkey Study Abroad Course, 2012)

“Taking anthropology with Professor Berberoglu in Istanbul was definitely the most exciting class I have ever taken: Having class meetings in the amphitheater of a 500 year old fortress overlooking the Bosporus or on the grass besides the ancient walls of the Tokapi Palace, how could anyone beat that? Exploring the Hagia Sophia and the underground cistern, visiting the Blue Mosque and having ice cream in the Eyüp square frequented by traditional Muslims, sampling cheeses and nuts in the Spice Market, and haggling over prices in the Grand Bazaar, leaving Europe by taking a ferry across the Bosporus and arriving in Asia without ever leaving the city is all part of the class with Professor Berberoglu in Istanbul – former Constantinople of Byzantium. A stroll along Istiklal Avenue, Istanbul’s pedestrian street and main shopping drag, lined with modern clothing boutiques, traditional tea houses, and restaurants offering the most delicious Turkish cuisine, will expose you to traditional Turkish hospitality and an economy firmly grounded in the 21st century. Altogether an extraordinary experience!”

DeeDee Dann (Turkey Study Abroad Course, 2012)


“When I first heard of the Turkey program I immediately knew that I wanted to go. I had expectations of what it would be like, and it sounds so cliché to say that it completely blew my previous thoughts out of the water, but that is exactly what it did. I saw, learned, and experienced so much more then I could have ever imagined. It is one thing to study about a culture from a classroom but to be immersed in their everyday way of life is the best way to really learn. As an instructor for this course Berch was very inspiring. There was nothing that he didn't encourage us to do and inform us about. For me leaving my friends and family to go to Turkey was a big step and I am so thankful everyday that I did. Istanbul is a memory that I will have forever and will always be a special place to me. I would do it again in a heartbeat!”

—  Alissa Hertz (Turkey Study Abroad Course, 2011)

“Istanbul is a truly fascinating city. In no other place is the clash between Western and Eastern culture so uniquely expressed and palpably experienced. Caught between its rich past and uncertain future, Istanbul is the perfect setting to study the cultural and political fabric of Turkey. I highly enjoyed this program; Berch's knowledge of Turkey was impressive and the diversity of sights and experiences I was exposed to provided me with a dynamic educational experience. I would recommend this program to anyone interested in the opportunity to experience and examine one of the most ancient, beautiful, and socio-politically intriguing cities in the world.”

—  Cody Nolan (Turkey Study Abroad Course, 2011)

“When I told my friends and family that I was going to Istanbul, they all looked at me funny and asked, “Why Istanbul?” I told them I wanted to do something unique, and I ended up getting one of the best experiences of my life.  So, why Istanbul?  Because it is a city built on a foundation of rich and diverse culture that offers something for everyone. You’ll be amazed to see how clean, friendly and safe a city of over 10 million can be. The people are some of the most hospitable and friendly, the sights are inspiring and dazzling, and there is nothing that comes close to competing with the food. Throughout the trip Berch provided us with all kinds of knowledge regarding politics, society, and culture as he guided us through this course and city with daily field trips. The knowledge gained from this course is not only interesting but also applicable to other areas of study. If you even think you might be interested in a trip like this and have been looking for a way to learn more about the world, then don’t hesitate for a second to sign up. At the end of the trip you will have no regrets and a special place in your heart for Istanbul.”

—  Eric Wolfe (Turkey Study Abroad Course, 2011)

“Istanbul is a beautiful city, full of exciting contrasts, and there is no better way to experience it than with someone who knows its history and development as much as Dr. Berberoglu does. I recommend this trip to anyone who wants to learn more about Turkey's rich history and its culture. In addition, having the opportunity to stay in a university in Istanbul and all the other perks you get from the course make it easier to enjoy the city in more depth. This was an awesome experience, and if you have the opportunity to go, don't hesitate!”

—  Natalia Becerra Garzon (Turkey Study Abroad Course, 2011)

“My experience in Turkey was absolutely amazing, and I am almost at a loss of words to describe everything, except that you want to talk for hours about everything you ate, saw, felt, smelled, heard, the people you talked to, and the things you did.  Just incredible.  I love Istanbul, it is a city of such contrasts and discoveries -- a lifetime is needed to experience it.  I think you gave a fun, exciting, interesting, informative, and wonderful experience for those who want to learn about the historical, economic, sociological and anthropological aspects of the country.  I loved the class, and would absolutely recommend it to any student.  Thank you Berch for everything.” 

— Elizabeth Motsenbocher (Turkey Study Abroad Course, 2010)

“Going to Turkey was an incredible experience. Through the UNR extended studies class, I was not only able to see all of Istanbul and its culture, but I was also able to learn much of the city’s history and how Istanbul became the metropolitan and modernized city that it is today. I would most definitely recommend this class for anyone who loves experiencing new adventures and traveling the world.”

— Astrida Griswold (Turkey Study Abroad Course, 2010)

“This program taught me so much about Istanbul and Turkey.  Istanbul is a dynamic city that is culturally diverse and full of history.  It was a very fulfilling experience and I recommend it for those interested in traveling and learning about other people to enroll in this course. Thanks again for taking us to Istanbul, Berch!  It was a really great experience!”

— Bridget Guess (Turkey Study Abroad Course, 2010)

“This two-week course in Istanbul far exceeded my nonexistent expectations of this trip in a region that I was far too unfamiliar with. There is so much to be seen in Istanbul, so many issues to understand and a whole array of perspectives to be experienced. The structure of this course offers rare insight to a country many Westerners probably know little about (historically, socially, and politically). The course is a combination tour and class, with long, but worthwhile days. It is different from a run of the mill tour in that you become one with the population (i.e., public transportation), which is essential in understanding everyday life. It is different than a class because you are learning on the go, free from the limitations of a walled classroom. Take this course to open your mind to something different, and you will be rewarded. The aesthetic beauty of the area in which the city is located should even be enough to convince you!”

— Josh Dyer (Turkey Study Abroad Course, 2010)

“I am so glad to hear that you will be continuing to offer the Turkey Study Abroad course in the coming years. It is such a wonderful experience. The living history, the fascinating culture of Istanbul, the beautiful sites and of course the incredible foods, it was all very exciting. I regard Istanbul as a truly unique and prominent city right in the center of our ever evolving world, and I consider myself lucky to have experienced so much of it. I couldn't have asked for a better professor and a guide; thank you so much Berch for all that you shared with us in Turkey.”

— Sammy Long, Turkey Study Abroad Course (2008).

"Istanbul was an amazing experience; every day was an exciting adventure. The clash of history and modernity provides plenty of options for education as well as leisure. Dr. Berberoglu provides the context (historical, cultural, and linguistic) with which you will be able to explore the city and discover things that you didn't even know you were looking for. My stay in Istanbul was a life changing experience, I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in culture, history, politics, and/or traveling, this was my most memorable experience of my undergraduate career by far."

— Chris Cook, Turkey Study Abroad Course (2009)

“Of the three study abroad courses I've taken, this course was my favorite because it was the most educational and insightful. I walked away with both a strong knowledge of contemporary Turkish issues as well as an understanding of Turkish society and culture. Istanbul is a great city!  It was amazing being able to explore the history and culture of such an ancient place. I would definitely go back."

— Jessica Eckhardt, Turkey Study Abroad Course (2008)

“Istanbul is a city that oozes history. It's the perfect starting place to unlock the mysteries of the Middle East, Asia, and Europe.  Turkey is undoubtedly an indulgence for the senses where any wanderlust or history-buff would love to go. I learned a lot and gained much experience during my class in Turkey. Also, Dr. Berberoğlu was hands down the best teacher and guide that one could ever desire. If you can go, GO!”

— Melissa Drapala, Turkey Study Abroad Course (2009)

"Be prepared for a non-stop educational and recreational adventure that will leave a lasting impression on how you view this dynamic and important region of the world. From ancient artifacts to contemporary culture in a globalizing nation, you will learn more than you could have ever imagined. You will soon discover why people come from all over the world to witness history in the making. This is not your typical vacation-be prepared to work hard, walk far, and sleep little. But the payoff is priceless! Because of Dr. Berberoglu's knowledge and street smarts, you will feel less like a typical American tourist and more like a sociologist/historian studying Turkish society firsthand. From crowded markets to breezy waterways to tranquil sunsets, this study abroad experience will leave you with lifelong memories and a better understanding of a different group of people in a different part of the world."

— Ryan Wilson, Turkey Study Abroad Course (2008)

"Istanbul offers a unique cultural tapestry as well as an opportunity to experience a city caught between the traditions of its history and the prospects of global integration.  I highly recommend this course for anyone looking to directly appreciate the sights, sounds, and tastes of social life in a beautiful and dynamic metropolis."

— Ben Reynolds, Turkey Study Abroad Course (2009)

“The Turkey study abroad course is an amazing opportunity to engage yourself in your studies.  After reading and discussing the rich Turkish history, politics and social groups we were able to go and actually see all the historical sites, people and places that we had read about in our books.  Students can wake up and learn about a city from a textbook but rarely do they get to bring that experience to life.  This course does that; it brings your studies to life by offering a combination of reading and seeing. 

After spending time visiting places around the globe, I have yet to find a place as amazing as Istanbul, Turkey.  The city has a vast amount of history, is geographically located in an interesting place, and allows you to interact with a diverse group of people.  The city is one of the most beautiful places I've visited, with breath taking views in every direction.  The culture, architecture, and geography combined make this city a truly fascinating place.  Learning about the different places in Istanbul and then visiting them with knowledge of their historical underpinnings makes this course unlike any other I have ever experienced.  I wish more courses were taught this way.” 

— Brithany Thomson, Former President of the UNR Graduate Student Association (GSA) Turkey Study Abroad Course (2008).

"With the Turkey Study Abroad course, the classroom is Istanbul itself! Of course your professor will provide you with plenty of valuable background information, but he also realizes that the only way to really learn about Turkey and the beautiful and bustling city of Istanbul is to experience it firsthand with a knowledgeable guide (him!). Istanbul has a rich history and culture, and meeting its people while exploring its streets, waterways, and buildings is the best way to discover it. I couldn't have asked for a more unique learning opportunity and travel experience!"

— Heather Davis, Turkey Study Abroad Course (2008).

"Being exposed to another culture as rich and beautiful as Turkey’s is an occasion that no person should pass up. There is so many GREAT things I can say about this trip. For me it was truly life changing. The opportunity and education that I acquired was priceless. This course was the culmination of my Bachelor’s degree and a launching board into a career that is better than anything I could have dreamed of. In addition, I developed friendships that I will treasure for the rest of my life. Professor Berch Berberoglu was and is by far the best professor that I have had the opportunity to learn from. I am so blessed and lucky to have been one of his students. He truly values the development of his students, taking more of his personal time than any other professor has ever done for me. His contribution to this program was greatly appreciated by everyone. There is no question in my mind that when I start my Master’s program next year I will be returning to Turkey to pursue a Master’s degree."

Kaleen Barnett, Turkey Study Abroad Course (2009)





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