K-12 School Library Media Specialist (21 credits) and/or Certification for Public Librarians (21 credits)

Academic Credit Options (ACO) at the University of Nevada, Reno offers all of the required courses for the K-12 School Library Media Specialist through the Nevada Department of Education under NAC 391.255 and NAC 391.265 (www.doe.nv.gov/uploadedFiles/ndedoenvgov/content/Educator_Licensure/School_Library_Media_Specialist.pdf), and for public librarian certification through the Nevada State Library and Archives under NRS 379.0073 and NAC 379.020 (nsla.libguides.com/library-resources/library-certification)

The courses also may be of interest to BGS students and others interested in gaining foundational knowledge of libraries and librarianship. Each certification requires 21 credits (seven courses) that may be taken for undergraduate or graduate credit. Six of these courses are applicable to both certifications, and may be taken in any order (except EDUC 475/675):


click to expand/collapse EDUC 473/673 Selection and Acquisition of Library Materials (offered every fall)

Theories, principles, and practices of selecting books and other library materials with particular emphasis on public, special and school libraries. (Formerly LSC 309; implemented fall 2003.) (Formerly EDS 473/673; implemented fall 2007.)

click to expand/collapse EDUC 477/677 Technology in the Library (offered every fall)

Use of technology in library settings and in the study of library science. Software, hardware, the internet, library automation and emerging trends. (Formerly LSC 477/677; implemented fall 2003.) (Formerly EDS 477/677; implemented fall 2007.)


click to expand/collapse EDUC 476/676 Administration of the School Library (offered every spring)

Includes functions of school library. Relationship of library to schools total instructional program. Preparation of library budget. Other problems of library administration. (Formerly CI 476/676; implemented fall 2003.) (Formerly EDS 476/676; implemented fall 2007.)

click to expand/collapse EDUC 478/678 Bibliography and General Reference (offered every spring)

Reference skills for public and school libraries. Covers basic reference tools, including electronic resources, and understanding of the reference process in the digital age. (Formerly LSC 303; implemented fall 2003.) (Formerly EDS 478/678; implemented fall 2007.)

click to expand/collapse EDRL 607 Book Selection for Children (offered every spring)

Survey of the field of books for children. Children's reading interests and needs as bases for evaluating and selecting library materials for the elementary school. (Formerly CI 607; implemented fall 2003.) (Formerly EDS 607; implemented fall 2007.) If undergraduate, contact ACO for options.


click to expand/collapse EDUC 474/674 Cataloging and Organization of Library Materials (offered every summer)

Cataloging of books and other library materials. Includes practice in working with Dewey and Library of Congress classification systems, principles of entry and cross referencing, and organization of periodicals. (Formerly CI 474/674; implemented fall 2003.) (Formerly EDS 474/674; implemented fall 2007.)


click to expand/collapse EDUC 475/675 K-12 School Library Media Specialist (required 7th course)

Supervised Library Practice (offered by individual arrangement after completion of at least five other required courses, including Cataloging and Administration.

click to expand/collapse EDUC 472/672 Public Librarian certification (required seventh course)

History and Organization of Libraries (offered every fall — even years). Evolution of libraries and description of principal fields of library service, their organization, and special problems. (Formerly LSC 305; implemented fall 2003.) (Formerly EDS 472/672; implemented fall 2007.)

Typical class structure has scheduled online meetings in addition to online course work. See the current courses page for course schedules. For more program information contact Dawna Snyder at dawnas@unr.edu (please indicate "Library Program" in the subject).