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Weeklong Programs

Our Gaming Management Program teaches the best demonstrated practices, allowing participants to update, enhance and learn management tools unique to the gaming industry. More than 2,000 participants have attended the series, including key staff from a broad range of casino operations and regulatory agencies.

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Customized Programs

Customized programs contribute to real-time problem solving and performance improvement. Our work with gaming organizations around the globe has redefined management and executive gaming education with original, strategic, relevant and highly collaborative courses and programs that connect leading-edge concepts with real-world demands.

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Online Gaming Management Programs

Extended Studies at the University of Nevada, Reno is offering select gaming management courses in a fully online format. Courses will provide hours toward the 90-hour Certificate in Gaming Management from the University of Nevada, Reno Gaming Management Program.

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Earn a Certificate in Gaming Management

Earn recognition for your commitment to excellence with a visible educational credential from the University of Nevada, Reno Gaming Management Program demonstrating your mastery of the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary for successful management in the gaming industry today. Learn how to earn your certificate in gaming management today.

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Executive Development Program

The Executive Development Program is designed for those whose roles are to think strategically — about product, attractions, casino environment, employee development, community relations, partnerships and exceptional customer service. The program increases your capacity to lead and manage in a changing environment and prepares you to think strategically and reshape your organization.

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